Saturday, September 18

Avery Scherer JHS ’08

THE-GAME-OF-LIFE-Infographic_-Final-223x300In 2014, Hasbro’s The Game of Life updated its list of most popular careers with kids. Scientist is now among the top 10 modern choices of careers.

Avery Scherer JHS ’08 was ahead of her time. At age three and living in Jeffersonville, IN, a day’s drive away from the ocean, she made the career decision to become a marine biologist. Avery is now in the final two years of completing her doctorate at Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

This past spring, Avery, and her mother, Anne Scherer, returned to GCCS for the seventh year in a row to introduce elementary students to the worlds of marine biology, scuba diving, higher education, and achieving dreams. Click on the video above to catch up with Avery and Anne in an interview before their presentation to 5th-graders and high ability students at Riverside Elementary, or click on the scuba or doctorate video links below to see portions of the RES presentation.


Watch their SCUBA presentationWatch Avery’s presentation about her doctorate

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