Saturday, September 18


Program for High Ability Students:

  •  Based on individual intellectual testing
  •  Offers curriculum enhancement in the classroom of the neighborhood school
  •  Provides differentiated instruction
  •  Provides counseling support

Teaching Strategies include:

  •  Pre and Post Testing Assessment
  •  Curriculum Compacting/Contracting
  •  Individualized Projects/Products
  •  Students as “Resident Experts”
  •  Seminars
  •  Consultant time

High ability students have been identified and are receiving differentiated services in all GCCS elementary schools.

Brooke Lannan oversees the Advanced Program. Susan Stewart is the coordinator for the advanced program. Contracted, retired, licensed teachers provide services to  high ability students in the elementary buildings. Monthly meetings are held with the  program coordinator to review student progress and curriculum  adaptations. GCCS is extremely proud of the quality of the caring professionals who serve  as high ability consultants. Together, they bring more than 500 years of dedicated service and experience working with high ability students!