Saturday, September 18

High School

Students with a history of high academic achievement in middle school, as well as those identified as High Ability, are encouraged  to attempt classes commensurate with their educational goals. Data from ACT testing is incorporated in advising students at this level.
Jeffersonville High SchoolCharlestown  High School, and New Washington High School offer several options for highly motivated students who wish to achieve at a higher level than the standard curriculum affords. These classes are designed to develop skills necessary for success in college.
Those options include:
  •  Honors Classes
  •  Advanced Placement (AP®) Classes
  •  Selected Dual Credit Classes
AP teachers continue to be involved in a “certification/registration” process with the College Board each year. AP teachers submit dates of AP training and their course syllabi and list of resources in order to be listed in an index of College Board authorized classes. The AP®/College Board Program is an established program which encompasses a nationally recognized, accelerated, college-based curriculum.
The number of students opting for higher level coursework continues to be on the  increase. Additional sections of advanced classes are being added to meet the  needs of our students. At the same time, our AP teachers are adding endorsements  to their credentials through ongoing coursework at the university level.
The high schools offer a wide variety of courses featuring participation in the performing arts, student publications,  media/communications, and art. These courses showcase the talents of  Greater Clark’s secondary students. Students have also been provided opportunities for state & national competitions on these and other areas.