Monday, February 24

Jeffersonville Library Shakespeare and Stone Carving Seminars (IAC)

Jeffersonville Library/Shakespeare/Stone Carving/Geology (IAC)

An intermediate high ability elementary seminar will take place April 1  (NWES, UES, and JJES) and April 2, 2020 (RES, BES, SHES, MES, NES, PWES, WES, and TJES) at the Jeffersonville Library. The Indiana Arts Commission Grant will bring KY Shakespeare’s Boy Meets Girl Meets Shakespeare to the library. In that performance, students will see and discuss the interconnectedness of scenes from three separate Shakespeare plays. In addition they will work with artists and educators Al Nelson (created the stone mitt sculpture at the Louisville Slugger Museum) and his wife Penny in carving a Shakespeare-inspired visual onto a reading bench for the library. In addition to the academic components, the intent of this seminar is help young people feel empowered to make a positive impact in the community. Students should bring a sack lunch and bottled water (only). This seminar is made possible through an IAC Region 12 Grant. Thank you IAC!

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