Wednesday, December 19

Middle School



  • Challenging, exciting activities are developed and implemented at the middle school level.
  • Advanced Program teachers participate in ongoing professional development on a range of topics.
  • Accelerated math and language arts classes are offered to high achieving students.


Each spring, nominations for placement of incoming 6th-grade students on the advanced teams take place. Identification for advanced classes is based on current achievement data, teacher recommendation, and classroom achievement. In addition, students’ scores at the 8th-grade are utilized for placement in advanced programming high school courses for the following school year. Student progress is reviewed each year.

Accelerated Math Curriculum:IMG_20141027_100919

  •  6th grade – Pre-Algebra
  •  7th grade – Pre-Algebra or Honors Algebra
  •  8th grade – Honors Algebra or Honors Geometry

Accelerated Language Arts Curriculum:

  •  Differentiated instruction
  •  Instruction based on Bloom’s Modified Taxonomy of Higher Level Thinking Skills:
    • Analysis
    • Synthesis
    • Evaluation
    • Creation
  •  In-depth literary study