Saturday, July 24

Olivia’s Ali Essay

Muhammad Ali Essay

By: Olivia

Most people remember Muhammad Ali as the Greatest.  That is because Muhammad never gave up when things were getting bad.  He was respectful to others.  He took initiative.  He was dependable and efficient.

Muhammad Ali never gave up.  When people were being drafted for the Military, he refused to go to war.  He got convicted for that, but never spent time in jail.  He couldn’t box for a while.  That gave him plenty of time to make a plan to help other African-Americans like himself.  During this time, he lost his Heavyweight champion title, but Muhammad didn’t go down without a fight.  He stayed strong and won his title back.  In 1984, Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  Even then he didn’t stop fighting.  You can be just like Muhammad Ali if you stay persistent.

Muhammad Ali took initiative.  Even though he wasn’t asked to, Muhammad Ali spoke out for all the African-Americans.  Muhammad Ali did what was right most of the time without being asked.  You can take initiative too!  Easy ways for you to take initiative is picking up trash in the hallways or doing your homework without being asked.  Taking initiative is a good way to be successful.

Another way to be successful like Muhammad Ali is to be dependable and efficient.  Many people depended on Muhammad Ali to make America the greatest at boxing.  Ali was efficient because he won matches and fought in as little time as possible.  You can be efficient by doing your work in as little time as possible and as accurate as possible.  Being dependable just means someone can trust you and rely on you.  You need to be dependable and efficient to be successful.

Being respectful is another way to be a “champion”.  Muhammad Ali was respectful because he stayed true to his religion and his color.   He was also respectful to his parents.  When he won some money, he bought his parents a pink Cadillac.  Being respectful is a good way to make friends.  If you’re not respectful to a person, they probably won’t want to be your friend. So definitely be respectful.

In conclusion, being persistent, respectful, dependable, efficient, and taking initiative are great ways to be successful, like Muhammad Ali.  Muhammad Ali is remembered as the greatest.  Do you want to be the greatest like Muhammad Ali?