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Our Staff

The Advanced Program works under the leadership of Director of Special Populations Brooke Lannan.





 The Advanced Program uses the services of:doormanwithkey

  • Certified Retired Teacher Consultants
  • Full-time High Ability Elementary Teacher
  • Certified Elementary High Ability Cluster Teachers
  • Certified Middle School Teachers
  • Certified High School Teachers

Our staff  includes a high ability coordinator, full-time high ability teacher, and retired teacher consultants as follows:

  • Susan Stewart is the current advanced program coordinator at the elementary level. She holds
    a BA with a double major in English and Communication, MAT, +30 rank, and post-graduate work with credentialing as an elementary school principal  and GT endorsement. She has taught graduate level courses for the gifted and talented endorsement as an adjunct instructor at IUS. She is a Certified SENG MODEL Parent Group Facilitator. She comes to the public school system after having worked as a director of management training development for a Fortune 500 company. She serves as a member of the Frazier Teacher Advisory Board, was awarded an IPLACC Fellowship, served as the high ability consultant and a writer for IU’s Internationalizing the Academic Standards Project, and is a team member of the IICE Deliberation Teacher Team. She is the parent of a high ability child.


  • Mickie Magnuson has successfully taught in both the parochial and public sectors for 20 years. She also brings a stellar business background in retail management. (She was named a top-40 producing manager out of 500+ managers consistently in a national chain.) She has served as a high ability cluster classroom teacher for 17 years. She was the writing coach for her school where she was responsible for training teachers on the best practices for teaching writing. She embraces technology in her teaching. She holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Elementary as well as an endorsement in middle school math from IUS. She is a Certified SENG MODEL Parent Group Facilitator. Ms. Magnuson is currently working to complete her GT endorsement through Ball State University. She is the proud parent of three adult children, each having his own unique talents. Two of her children are identified as high ability. One is a commercial pilot and in the National Guard; one  is pursuing his degree in mechanical engineering at Speed School at the University of Louisville and is in the Air Guard; one works in county government juvenile services.


  • Debbie Adkins joined the Advanced Program in 2013-2014. She holds a masters + 30 and is also certified to work with children with learning disabilities, mildromeopresdolldebbie - Copyly mentally handicapped, and severe disabilities. She worked for GCCS for 26 years – both as a special needs teacher and as a  high ability cluster classroom teacher.  She also brings a background as a published writer, entrepreneur, and artist to the position. She is a proud parent and grandparent. Her grandchildren are in advanced and gifted programs throughout the U.S.


  • millerRobin Miller retired from GCCS after serving for 26 years at the elementary level. She taught first grade for 23 years and in a learning disabilities class for three years. Robin holds a BS and MS in Elementary Education from IUS. She holds +30 rank with additional post-graduate level work. She was the designated first-grade high ability cluster classroom teacher for the last 10 years of her tenure at TJES and is trained in differentiating lessons for the needs of high ability students.



  • Frances Dillard just completed her seventh year as a consultant with the advanced program. She taught in  JCPS and retired from GCCS as an elementary teacher. She is a Hands-on Equations specialist. She is a proud parent and grandparent of a junior in high school who has received multiple full-ride scholarship offers, including the prestigious Legacy Scholars Award at Berea College.


  • Pat Buechler retired from Utica Elementary, where she served as a high ability cluster classroom teacher for several years. Pat took coursework in high ability education and numerous hours of training and coursework in differentiation. Pat is the proud parent of two identified high ability adult children, an attorney and an engineer.


  • Jackie Olson is our phenomenal technology specialist. She has worked with the Advanced Program for the last 14 years. She taught for 33 years as well as served as the technology resource specialist at Bridgepoint Elementary. As well as co-maintaining the website, she offers enriched technology programming and serves as a Hands-on Equations specialist. She is the proud aunt of numerous nieces and nephews who are identified as high ability.


  • judie1Many thanks to former SPS Director Ann Schnepf, advanced program coordinators Judith Wortham and Diane Krall as well as retired-for-the- 2nd-time consultants Richard Klemens, aka Mr. K., (retired administrator), Virginia Klemens, Sonia Gardner, Melanie Riddle, and Barbara Hobson among many others. Over the course of three or more decades, these professionals dedicated countless hours to help the high ability population.



If you have any questions or would like more information about the program, please contact us:

• Susan Stewart (Coordinator) 812-288-4840 ext. 50223

• Mickie Magnuson (FT Teacher) 812-288-4840 ext. 50