Monday, November 19

Thanks to the Indiana Arts Commission for April 3 and 4 Seminars!

Through an Indiana Arts Commission Regional Grant, GCCS 3rd-5th-grade high ability students are being afforded a unique field trip seminar experience on Tuesday, Apr. 3, 2018 (UES, NWES, JJES) and Wednesday, Apr. 4, 2018 (BES, MES, NES, PES, RES, WES, SHES, and TJES). Students will use analysis, synthesis and creative skills to examine fictional leaders of the past through the interactive performance of KY Shakespeare’s 12th Night; talk and paint with large-scale, visual artist Wilfred Sieg III, who lost the use of an arm but did not let that tragedy deter him from his dream; and look to the impact they can make as future leaders on the economic and civic quality of life with a bus tour and dialog on community arts projects led by Dawn Spyker, Jeffersonville Public Art Administrator. Thank you IAC!

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