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Summer What’s Happening?

Armstrong Gift for High Ability –

MAC Leadership Academy Year II


Summer Camp Programming Options for 2014

There are a multitude of summer camps to enhance and accelerate learning. Below are just a few you may want to check out for your child.

The Bard is Back

Every GCCS elementary school will see a live performance of Walden Theatre’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Kentucky Shakespeare’s Hamlet courtesy of the Louisville Fund for the Arts. An Indiana Arts Commission Arts in Education grant and a Southern Indiana Foundation grant will provide follow-up sessions with the artists/educators for high ability students.
During  these sessions, the artist-educators will provide opportunities for students to hone public speaking skills and provide learning activities where higher order thinking skills will be par for the course such as students evaluating and correlating leadership skills addressed during the Muhammad Ali sessions with actions of the characters found in Shakespeare’s works.

 Our thanks go out to the IAC and Community Foundation of Southern Indiana.




MAC Leadership Academy Development

In 2012-2013, the Robert & Chiara Gift for High  Ability Education afforded Parkview, Charlestown, and River Valley middle schools’ 8th-grade advanced program  sections and New Washington High School’s 9th-grade the opportunity to see  Kentucky Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and participate in artist-in-residency  workshops as well as historical interpretation outreach programming from the  Frazier Museum and to fund the entire John Wooden “Spirit of Competition” elementary program.

In 2013-2014, the Armstrong Gift for High Ability Education, an eBay Grant, and Your Community Bank donation have been used to bring together a joint venture between GCCS and the Muhammad Ali Center  to create a “Leadership Academy” for 5th- and 6th-grade highly able  students. The programming MAC has used during the school year is from its Creating Our Future curriculum, which is composed of six modules, each focusing on a single core principle embodied in the life and work of Muhammad Ali – respect, confidence, conviction, dedication, spirituality, and giving. All middle school 6th-graders will be able to attend a field trip to the MAC on their school’s designated date in April. These students may also opt to compete in a writing/technology contest on leadership.

Bill King – “the Science Guy”

Bill King is GCCS’ resident “Science Guy.” He rotates through the elementary schools with his “top science experiments” from more than 30  years teaching at the elementary and middle school level. Through these accelerated science  experiments, students have assembled animal skeletons, participated in  archaeological digs, and competed in “gutter” boat races.

Jackie Olson – “the Tech Expert”

Jackie Olson is GCCS’ resident “Tech Expert.” She rotates through the elementary schools introducing students to Windows-based programs such as PowerPoint, Publisher, and FrontPage.

 Websites  of Interest

Broad Based Planning Committee for the Advanced Program

The BBPC, comprised of teachers, parents, students, and administrators, is the steering committee for the Advanced Program and reviews progress, policy, and programming.