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What’s Happening

What’s Happening 2019-2020

For 2019-2020, the GCCS Program will draw upon the theme of “Patterns of Change” as students in intermediate elementary grades work on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, poetry writing with an academic focus on word choice for precision, Project Based Learning, Hands-on Equations, and Versatiles supplemented by games and activities requiring higher order thinking skills. Three seminars, two of which are provided through the Indiana Arts Commission,

Culbertson Mansion (Indiana Arts Commission Grant)

Culbertson Mansion seminars for high ability 3rd-5th-graders will be on Oct. 16 for NWES,

JJES, and UES and on Oct. 17 for BPES, MES, NES, PWES, RES, SHES, TJES, and WES. Students should bring a sack lunch. Students should bring a bottled water to drink per the rules of Culbertson. This trip is made possible by an Indiana Arts Commission Arts in the Parks Grant. Thank you IAC!

Jeffersonville Library/Shakespeare/Stone Carving/Geology (IAC)

An intermediate high ability elementary seminar will take place April 1  (NWES, UES, and JJES) and April 2, 2020 (RES, BES, SHES, MES, NES, PWES, WES, and TJES) at the Jeffersonville Library. The Indiana Arts Commission Grant will bring KY Shakespeare’s Hamlet to the library. Students will work with these same artists in poetry and dance workshop. In addition they will work with artist Rhonda Snyder in creating Shakespeare-inspired mosaic stepping stones. Students In addition to the academic components, the intent of this seminar is help young people feel empowered to make a positive impact in the community. Students should bring a sack lunch and bottled water (only). This seminar is made possible through an IAC Region 12 Grant. Thank you IAC!

Websites of Interest for Parents

The Broad Based Planning Committee for the Advanced Program 

The BBPC, comprised of teachers, parents, administrators, students, and community leaders, is the steering committee for the Advanced Program and reviews progress, policy, and programming. If you have questions, please contact the coordinator at 812-288-4840 ext. 50223.